Using Chalk Art for Ministry, Education & Fun!


Q: Who is Chalk Illustrated designed for?
A: Chalk Illustrated is meant for anyone who uses chalk art (or trick cartoons) in church work, school shows, parties, etc. If time permits, I expect quarterly issues. Much of the content will be aimed at those involved in Christian ministry. It will probably not cover much related to the topic of sidewalk chalk art (as amazing as that is), or sports chalk talk.

Q: Chalk Illustrated is FREE?
A: Yes. When you subscribe there is no obligation, and you will have BASIC Access to read the Back Issue Library online. If you would like to download, save or print issues at home, visit the STANDARD Access page. Professionally printed issues are available through the PREMIUM Access page. The 3 subscription levels are fully explained HERE.
   Store: There are also a few chalk related items available through either the Standard or Premium access pages - and we have plans to add more items. 

Q: I lost the download links which I received with my subscription/purchase. How do I get those back again?
A: Use the Link Recovery Tool found HERE. Thank you for not sharing your download links with others.

Q: Is Chalk Illustrated a continuation of Chalk Art Newsletter?
A: No. Chalk Art News is still published in a web-based version by David LeGrand of Alpha Arts. You may access recent issues HERE. Chalk Art News has a rich history which extends back 45 years and this history will be remembered and honored in the pages of Chalk Illustrated. Through the gracious permission of former editors we will be featuring reprints of the best articles and downloads of past issues.